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Chicano Tattoos

Chicano Tattoos are possibly less common and not as well known in Asia, but they are full of rich history and style. The term Chicano o Chicana was born out of a classification of Mexican people before the 2nd world war. Living in discrimination, the Chicano managed to improve their social and economic position by joining the american army during the war. The children of these mexican soldiers created a brand new identity, with large clothes, disk caps and clocks or chains as symbols of their economical gains. This imagery quickly moved onto the skin in forms of tattoos – paired with more classical Mexican imagery such as skulls, flowers, religious figures and women. This classical tattoo style is now commonplace the world over, and many non-Mexicans also have paid tribute to this story, or simply to the art style with a Chicano tattoo of their own.

Classically mexican, Chicano tattoos are full of iconography, detailed shading and realistic elements. Chicano tattoo artists must be very skilled at what they do – these are no simple tattoos! Luckily, at Mayhem Ink Patong, our tattoo artists are the best in the city for Chicano tattoos. In fact, if you want a Chicano tattoo in Thailand, Phuket is the place. From small depictions to half sleeve and full sleeve, we can service all your Chicano tattoo needs right here in Phuket, Thailand. Take a look below and see what masterpieces our specialised Chicano tattoo artists are able to create.

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