Do you take walk ins?2018-11-13T21:32:57+00:00

Yes but it is better to make an appointment.

Is there a minimum age?2018-11-13T21:31:19+00:00

You must be at least 15 to get a tattoo in Thailand.

How much does it cost?2018-11-13T21:30:47+00:00

Prices vary depending on the size and the design. Please contact us with details of the design you would like so we can give you a better idea.

How long will it take to heal?2018-11-13T21:30:00+00:00

Most tattoos will heal in 2 weeks if cared for properly.

Does it hurt?2018-11-13T21:29:27+00:00

Getting a tattoo is definitely not pain-free but the it is more than tolerable.

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