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Japanese Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, no culture has a richer history than the Japanese (well, except maybe the pacific islanders at least). With a very distinct style crafted over millennia, of which much was conducted in secrecy, Japanese tattoos have evolved to become one of the world’s most popular tattoo styles today.

Originating as spiritual and decorative tattoos as far back as 10,000 BC, tattoos have come a long way since a stick and some makeshift ink. During the Yayoi period was when the Japanese tattoo began to form its own – adopting the name Irezumi which literally means “inserting ink”.

Throughout the Edo period, the tattoo fluctuated between good and bad, with many tattoo artists having to conduct their work in secrecy. It wasn’t until 1945 that Tattoos became officially legal in Japan after influences from the West. However it was the deep meanings behind these tattoos that hold significance today, influencing tattoo artists the world over.

Many Irezumi symbols have meanings so we recommend talking with our artists about which Japanese tattoo you think is best. We have skilled, highly trained Japanese tattoo artists who are able to decipher the hidden stories and create a piece of art that is unique an specific to you and you alone. Mayhem Ink Patong is the best tattoo studio in Phuket, and the best in Thailand for high quality tattoos of the Japanese kind. Take a look and see what masterpieces our specialised Japanese tattoo artists are able to create.

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