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Specialises in realism, all styles.

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Specialises in Old School, Realism.

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Specialises in Anime, all styles

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Specialises in Japanese style.

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Specialises in All styles, realism. Whatever you are after It can deliver.

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Specialises in Anime, realism, all styles. Get a unique design from Jay.

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Specialises in traditional Thai Bamboo, mandala & all styles of tattoo.

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Our award winning tattoo artists are handpicked from the best tattoo artists Thailand has to offer. With unique specialisations, they are able to approach any type of job with the utmost skill, care in artistic inspiration that will ensure amazing tattoos every time.

There is a reason why we choose such skilled tattoo artists – we are dedicated to making sure that you get the best possible tattoo in the best possible time at the best possible price. With such skill behind the needle, you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter what style you prefer, it will be executed to perfect precision. Tattoos are pieces of art, but more importantly they are your pieces of art, and nothing should come in between what you desire and what is inked into your skin.

For visitors to Thailand, getting a tattoo in a foreign country can be an intimidating experience. With Mayhem Ink Phuket however, that scary experience is turned into an amazing one thanks to our multilingual staff that are on hand to help translate anything you need. From designs to colour, pain thresholds to aftercare – our artists not only know exactly what is best for you, but can articulate it perfectly. They are also experts at keeping things clean, so you can be safe in the knowledge that all of our working environments are always completely hygienic and sterilised.

With a focus on custom work, our artists like to define themselves as one on one boutique designers rather than commercial employees. Whether it is something brand new, a re-creation or a cover-up, our artists can tackle the job head on and produce exceptional results every time. Our favourite styles include Japanese, realism, tribal, mandala, old school, Neo traditional, blackwork and even anime. However, no style or colour is out of our remit.

Some of our artists are also specialist designers, ready to take on even the most abstract of patterns and ideas. From simple minimalist designs to more complex work, they are able to create work that is not only incredible for the price, but also adds to their growing collection of work that identify them as the best in Thailand. Just take a look in our about us section to learn about all the awards and commendations we have received in numerous competitions both in Thailand and abroad at competitions held in Australia, Singapore and beyond.

In Patong, tattoo studios are not an uncommon site, but the amount of awards and qualifications that our artists hold you’ll find nowhere else. There is no doubt that our award winning tattoo artists are the best you’ll find in Phuket, and almost certainly some of the best in Thailand. At Mayhem Ink Phuket, we make sure we give you the best artists for the job. Feel free to browse the latest work by each one of our permanent tattoo artists to get a better feeling for the style and artists you wish to work with next.

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Booking a tattoo in Thailand is made simple with Mayhem Ink. Our super easy process gets you connected with one of our talented tattoo artists as soon as possible, so there is less time communicating and more time designing. Fill out the form below and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. We recommend those who want to book a tattoo in Phuket, use the online booking system to guarantee a place in our busy schedule. Booking a tattoo with Mayhem Ink Patong is easy. We strive to give you the best tattoo artist for the job, so the sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can get the tattoo done. If you are on a tight schedule, let us know or better still, why not book a spot before arriving so that when you get to Phuket, everything is smooth and easygoing.